Video: TV Broadcast on Sunday Mornings

Our Sunday morning broadcast is now available on AT&T U-verse as well as Cox

In addition to the broadcast available on Cox (channel 222), First UMC Bella Vista’s early worship service is now also available on AT&T U-verse. The broadcast begins at 11:00am on Sunday and Wednesday morning on both Cox and AT&T U-verse.

  • AT&T U-verse Customer Tune-in to channel 99 and selecting “Bella Vista Community Television” (or the channel referring to “Bella Vista”).
  • Cox Customer Tune-in to digital channel 222. A digital converter box may be required.

Tune-in to channel 99 and selecting “Bella Vista Community Television” (or the channel referring to “Bella Vista”).

​As much as we hope you enjoy this channel, we would much rather see your smile here on Sunday mornings so please attend when available!

If you are experiencing audio problems while watching Bella Vista Channel 222 on Cox, please read the following:

At some time prior to August 19, 2012, Cox Cable made some technical adjustments on their end that affected how audio is processed through the Cox Cable box that connects to your television. As a result, many of our dedicated viewers have informed us that while they can see the broadcast, they are unable to hear any sound. At this point, the loss of sound can be corrected by adjusting the audio settings within the Cox Cable box. Please note, audio setting adjustments needed are not within the television, but within the Cox Cable box itself.

If you are experiencing this problem and are unfamiliar with how to adjust the audio settings on your own, we highly recommend contacting Cox Cable to schedule an appointment and have a technician assist you.

Have a copy of your latest Cox Cable billing statement on hand prior to calling to ensure your account information is available. Their support phone number is 1-888-952-3278.

When contacting Cox Cable technical support to schedule an appointment, make them aware that:

  • you cannot hear sound on Bella Vista Channel 222
  • you have already confirmed that Bella Vista Channel 222 is broadcasting normally with sound
  • you are aware of others who have had the same problem and their problem was resolved by having a Cox Cable technician adjust the audio settings in their Cox Cable box